About Me

Hello there! My name is Elyssa Dziwak and I’m a student at the University of Oregon pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations. I’m inspired to find work in the entertainment industry because I understand what it’s like to have creative passion, and I want to help others pursue their creative goals in art and entertainment! I believe that the entertainment industry would be a vibrant and exciting environment to work in.

Growing up in southern California allowed me the incredible opportunity to discover the world of entertainment up close at an early age. I was always mesmerized by the amount of glamour that surrounds the entertainment industry, and I knew from a young age that this industry was the field of work I wanted to pursue as I got older.

I first realized that I was interested in PR and communications when I worked as a personal assistant/publicist for a local radio show called, The Kim Pagano Show. While working for the show, I managed all platforms of social media, networked with a variety of accomplished individuals to interview on the show, contacted and created contracts with local businesses, and managed large amounts of business and fan-based emails. This was all very rewarding work but I knew I needed to further my education in the field of communications in order to be the best I can be at the job.

While attending the University of Oregon, I was instructed to create a showcase highlighting an underreported social issue of my choosing. I focused on Enrichment for the Elderly within a local retirement community, conducting research on relevant social issues, produced a series of stories on residents affected by this issue, and created a website to showcase those stories.

I hope to continue to tell stories through all media platforms and to connect with people through creative avenues!