The Top 7 Pieces to your Social Media Puzzle


What might be considered the number one thing a business needs in order to succeed? A consumer population. Fortunately for most businesses, there are many individuals out there that are happy and willing to consume all sorts of different products and services, but how might businesses enhance their outreach to a whole new generation of consumers? Social media is relatively new to the marketing scene, and business professionals are still learning to use it effectively. One thing is for certain, social media has proven to bring great benefits for businesses. According to Sendible Insights, here are the top seven social media benefits for any business:

  1. Social media is free to use

It’s free. What more needs to be said? But in all seriousness, saving money and utilizing a proven, effective tool is an absolute must when trying to run a business. Yes, social media can involve costs if you choose to run advertisement/promotions, but other than that, there’s not much of a financial obligation tied to social media platforms. You can drive and demonstrate success through social media organically, provided you know your tactics.

2. It helps shape the personality of a brand

Television commercials, print advertisements and so on can be so impersonal; social media is interactive. It gives people an array of media options to share their personality and purpose. You can post images or videos demonstrating effective use of said brand, or share comments, such as testimonials written by buyers who have thoroughly enjoyed your brand/service. A business could run statistical data through social media in order to figure what product/service they’re providing is actually meeting equilibrium vs. what isn’t doing much for the company or consumer. The options are endless.

3. It’s both, in the present and the future

The chances of social media platforms disappearing anytime soon aren’t unlikely. The growing number of users it receives on a daily basis is evidence enough that we will most likely see these platforms in the far future. Sure, they may take on a different appearance as technology grows, but the basis will still essentially be the same. There is simply no other medium that will enable you to reach this many people.

4. You can participate in two-way conversations

Effectively reaching and conversing with an audience that normally is not easily reachable is a great advantage to any business. Being present and active on social media gives you the perk of controlling conversations about your brand, to a degree, but reaching out and participating in the conversation.

5. It’s the softest conversion point you have

A soft conversion meaning that you can ask people on social media to engage in conversation without making them feel pressured to be completely involved, for example, signing up for a newsletter with their email address.

6. Search ranking and SEO boost

Search-Engine Optimization (SEO): the more involvement on the internet, such as using multiple social media platforms, the more likely someone will stumble upon your business when using search engines.

7. It will become a stable source of referral traffic

It may take time for your social media to grow, depending on how popular your business is and how often you create content, but as you gain produce more content and gain followers, you’ll experience more referral traffic coming to your website from social media.

Yes, staying up-to-date with social media can be a hefty responsibility, since there are so many pieces to this very large social media puzzle, but professionals like strategic PR teams are great tools when needing to cover all the bases. Monitoring conversations, creating content to lead the conversation, it’s all important. That’s why nearly all PR professionals now make social media a primary part of their communication plans.

The social media puzzle may seem complicated at times, but piece by piece it begins to come together and really make an effective difference. The more you add to it, the better it gets.


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