Social Media for the Voiceless

I am a big animal lover. Not only to house pets but all animals. In the case of house pets, though, I have grown up and opened my heart and home to more pets than I can count on both of my hands. Having a pet in the house and a part of the family has always felt normal, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That is why I am so grateful for nonprofit organizations such as The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) whose members work their tails off (see what I did there) to support and protect thousands of innocent lives.

The nonprofit was first founded in November 1954 and has been serving the nation for 65 years! Within those years, the organization has grown immensely, and its charitable work has gained a great deal of popularity. As society adjusted to the world of social media, the organization also began incorporating social media into its campaigns; this began in 2006. Now, nearly five percent of all online donations to HSUS are given through social media platforms. Since the nonprofit adapted early to social media, they have a very active following on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, but Facebook has been its greatest benefactor. To give perspective, in 2013 it was reported that donations through Facebook alone averaged around $200,000 per year.

The HSUS mission statement was written with an emphasis on celebrating animals and confronting cruelty; it signifies everything that they believe in as a nonprofit organization. These are key points written in the mission statement defining what HSUS works to do:

  • Provide direct care, rescue and services for animals in crisis.
  • Pass local, state and federal laws to protect animals.
  • Make sure existing laws are properly enforced.
  • Help the biggest corporations reform their animal welfare policies.
  • Shape public opinion on animal cruelty through our awareness campaigns and investigations.

More than 100,000 animals are provided care each year because of HSUS and affiliates. Through sanctuaries, veterinary programs, emergency shelters and rescues, that all would not have been possible without the many organization workers, volunteers and donors. Cases like this shed great light on the impact that social media can have when helping an organization like HSUS receive the support it needs to flourish. Social media gave a voice to an organization who speaks for the voiceless.


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